Redstones Group Company mission

“Under the umbrella of a single minded team,  a complete service to the client optimizing Design, Construction & Process needs.”

          The creation of Redstones came out of an exhaustive market review, the result of which shows a long term frustration at not finding the best solution for Clients.

Recognizing this, four highly motivated managers, with more than 50 years of experience between them working in the Russian market, concluded that service provision to the market required a new approach – a ‘re-think’.

          Historically, the market approach has been to try and marry the established Russian design/ construction model with established overseas business models. This approach created poor links between the various project stages and, effectively, over the last 10 years, split the business model with the sole aim of maximizing the service provider’s profits.

With markets showing increased levels of uncertainty & service providers having to cut costs, a serious erosion to quality of service is today, active in the market. 

The Redstones approach is to collate the varying stages of a project linking them to provide, under one umbrella, an optimized solution which results in less complexity, a reduced involvement of the various parties and ultimately, savings in time and cost.

Instead of simply cutting cost, the new approach is to model the needs of the Client rather than simply providing what fits the provider’s model. This ‘re-think’ approach is the only real effective way to make progress. 

          What are Project Management Services? They are simply a means of attaching resources to a client’s project on what in reality is an open book cost. In the vast majority of cases when the Client negotiates the service he affectively negotiates the quality of the resource element. The service provider thus reduces the quality of his resource. The common approach is to place 1 capable manager to the project, supplemented by a number of other considerably less experienced resources.

As the project progresses and issues arise, the answers are always that the contractor performance & Client changes in requirements that are the cause for longer project period. Costs thus rise. The provider has ‘no-buy-in’ to the overall success of the project.